Indian Sweets in Dubai

We Indians have always had special affinity to our desi sweets and snacks and being away from home in a foreign land means we have limited access to these delicacies from our homeland. Bikanervala is a global Indian sweets brand with its roots set in the famed lanes of Chandni Chowk. Since, its inception, Bikanervala has been offering the authentic Indian taste and purity in its sweets, snacks, cuisines and beverages.

The Bikanervala Indian sweets shop in Dubai is a renowned landmark for Indian food connoisseurs in the city. Offering an Indian restaurant along with a sweets shop in Dubai, Bikanervala ensures that you are not missing out on any of your favorite Indian food items.

Moreover, Bikanervala has also added online Indian sweets delivery in Dubai to its repertoire. The online portal lets you add your favorite sweets and snack items to the cart and check-out in a jiffy. Our prompt delivery service ensures that your orders reach you fresh and ready-to-eat.

So, if you have been looking for a place to buy Indian sweets in Dubai, head over to the Bikanervala Indian restaurant in Dubai or log on to our Indian sweet shop in Dubai to pick and choose your favorite Indian desserts.

Bikanervala Sweets Item

Exclusive Sweets:

Savor these Order Online exclusive Indian sweets from Bikanervala for a tantalizing culinary experience. Our exclusive sweets are prepared using trademark cooking techniques and choicest of ingredients from India.

Kaju Sweets:

These premium cashew nut sweets are ideal for celebrating special occasions. You can also gift the Bikanervala Kaju Sweets when visiting a near and dear one after a long time or during the festive season.

Khoya Sweets:

Delightful milk and cream sweets to provide instant gratification for those with a sweet tooth. If you love to pop Indian sweets on-the-go when the mood hits you, Khoya sweets are the best.

Bengali Sweets:

The Bengali Sweets always deserve a special mention, be it Rosgollas or special Bengali Cups, the land has provided Indian sweet lovers with some of the most famous sweets and snacks of all time.

Ghee Sweets:

A mark of purity and health, the shuddh desi ghee sweets from Bikanervala ensure that you carrying all the calories you need in a delightfully tasty package. Now you can order desi ghee sweets online from the Bikanervala sweets shop in Dubai.

Bakery Items:

Bikanervala also offers Indian bakery snacks made from freshly sourced ingredients to go with your breakfast and high-tea. Order your favorite Indian cookies from the Bikanervala online sweets shop in Dubai.