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Our Story: A Legacy of Flavor

Bikanervala is more than just a name; it's a journey that began over a century ago in the heart of Rajasthan, India. In 1905, in the royal city of Bikaner, our story unfolded with a passion for creating delectable sweets and snacks.

Generations of our family have meticulously perfected recipes, passing down not just ingredients but also the rich cultural values and traditions that are the essence of Bikanervala. Our artisan products are a testament to this heritage, each bite bursting with flavour and history.

Today, we're a household name, serving millions of happy customers across the globe. With over 150 plus outlets in 9 countries and counting, we take pride in sharing a taste of India's culinary magic with the world. We offer a diverse range of food products, from traditional sweets and snacks to savoury dishes, all crafted with the same passion and dedication that started it all.

Come experience the Bikanervala legacy. Visit us today!

Bikkgane Briyani

History & Legacy

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